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3:00 A.M.

Title: 3:00 A.M.
Fandom: The Librarians
Pairing: Cassandra/Ezekiel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 778
Summary: Cassandra finds herself on Ezekiel's doorstep.
Notes: Thanks so much to my beta lanalucy who is awesome and makes my writing a ton better. Written for the Librarian Shipathon, Casekiel week. Aslo for the hc_bingo square: panic attacks table here.

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Title: Together
Fandom: Monk
Pairing: Natalie Teeger/Adrian Monk
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,377
Summary: Natalie and Adrian are caught in a storm and Monk must face one of his greatest fears. Post-Series
Notes: A big thank you to my beta lanalucy she is awesome! Written for the comm older_not_dead prompt: caught in a storm. Also hc_bingo prompt: Phobias. References Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist

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H/C Bingo Card

I once again signed up for h/c bingo. I am a little worried that I may have taken on to much as I am mostly focusing on my NCIS Big Bang but once finished I can use it for one of the squares so really I would only have to fill out four more.

I like what I got except for a few of them like humiliation, and telepathic trauma, unsure about them not sure what fandom I would use but maybe I can skip around them. I am actually pretty excited! Anyway here it is:

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Of Violets and Hibiscus

TITLE: Of Violets and Hibiscus
AUTHOR: honor_reid
FANDOM: Hawaii Five-0
PAIRING: Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua
SUMMARY: Kono and Danny celebrate their anniversary.
NOTES: Many, many thanks to my beta for this story lanalucy who was a great help at the last minute. They are awesome!  This was written for the comm older_not_dead prompt: Anniversary gifts are not supposed to be practical

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Hurt/Comfort Challenge: Rec List

Author: honor_reid
Fandoms: BBC Atlantis, General Hospital, Avengers, Hawaii 5-O, Supernatural, The Librarians, Star Trek, Batman Begins, Suits, Magnificent Seven, and Voyagers!.
H/C: Depression, Unconsciousness.

Notes:This was done for hc_bingo and their March Rec Challenge. It was very difficult there are so many great stories out there. I hope I can help people find a great story to read and don't forget to give these authors some love. It really does make the authors day!

depression unconsciousness headaches / migraines

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I signed up at hc_bingo to do 15 fanfic recs in March and I am very excited by the three prompts I received. I have already thought of a few for each. I love reccing stories! :)

depression unconsciousness headaches / migraines
2015 has been a great year.  For this years Auld Lang Syne how about the very heartfelt ending to This Wonderful Life...

This year was not a proliferic one when it comes to fanfic because I have been insanely busy but what I did manage to complete I think was fairly done...

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Personally this year was a good one.  My family is doing well and the Lord has blessed us greatly.  Healthwise we are all doing well, work is going along fine and life is good!  I hope all of your guys New Year's is fun and relaxing and 2016 treats all of us well!

Happy New Year! :D


I managed to complete a bingo. I was a little worried that I wouldn't finish because RL has gotten so busy. The story I planned for my healers square became too long to finish in time, so instead I ended up doing 10 recs for the square. Overall I am very happy with what I did manage to produce for this round!


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It was a lot of fun!  I am not sure I will play next year because I don't see my life getting any less busy but we will see.

When You Kiss Me

TITLE: When You Kiss Me
AUTHOR: honor_reid
FANDOM: Hawaii Five-0
PAIRING: Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua
SUMMARY: Kono comes home after a long day. (Established Kono/Danny)
NOTES: Many, many thanks to my beta for this story lanalucy. This was written for the comm hc_bingo prompt: Bruises table here.

When you kiss me heaven sighs
and tho I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose
-La Vie En Rose, Louis Armstrong.

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I finally finished my table from stories_a_z. 26 stories with each title corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. It is a great comm that allows you to take as much time as you need to finish the table so really there is no stress. I loved it!


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