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Recs for H/C Bingo

Author: Honor_Reid
Fandoms: NCIS, BBC Atlantis, Magnificent Seven, Hawaii 5-O, LOTR, The Sentinel, Bonanza, Primeval, and Avengers.
H/C: Healers.

Notes:This was done for hc_bingo and the prompt: healer, table found Here. For my Healer square I once again decided to rec fics. These stories either focus on the healers themselves as they try to help their patients or on patients and how they respond to the medical treatments, the doctors, and nurses as they receive help.

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Marching On: Chapter Six

Marching On: Chapter Five

Marching On: Chapter Four

Marching On: Chapter Three

Marching On: Chapter Two

Marching On

Title: Marching On
Pairing: Gen
Ratings: Teen
Length: 24,297
Warnings: Drug use, prostitution, panic attacks, and one scene of violence against a child.  Both Ziva and Jackson are alive.
Author's Note: Many many thanks to my beta reader naemi who went so above and beyond.  They have the patience of a saint and are truly awesome.  The art is by the very talented amoredition I am in awe, no seriously this is the most perfect art I have ever seen.  I am so very thankful!  Also thank yousolariana for organizing this challenge! Title is from the song Marchin' On by One Republic.  Written for ncis_bang.  Also forhc_bingo, square: humiliation.
Summary: Abandoned at a roadside motel by his mother, twelve-year-old Timothy McGee goes in search of the man who could be his father, one Leroy Jethro Gibbs. AU

For those days we felt like a mistake,
Those times when love's what you hate
We keep marchin on
-One Republic
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3:00 A.M.

Title: 3:00 A.M.
Fandom: The Librarians
Pairing: Cassandra/Ezekiel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 778
Summary: Cassandra finds herself on Ezekiel's doorstep.
Notes: Thanks so much to my beta lanalucy who is awesome and makes my writing a ton better. Written for the Librarian Shipathon, Casekiel week. Aslo for the hc_bingo square: panic attacks table here.

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Title: Together
Fandom: Monk
Pairing: Natalie Teeger/Adrian Monk
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,377
Summary: Natalie and Adrian are caught in a storm and Monk must face one of his greatest fears. Post-Series
Notes: A big thank you to my beta lanalucy she is awesome! Written for the comm older_not_dead prompt: caught in a storm. Also hc_bingo prompt: Phobias. References Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist

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H/C Bingo Card

I once again signed up for h/c bingo. I am a little worried that I may have taken on to much as I am mostly focusing on my NCIS Big Bang but once finished I can use it for one of the squares so really I would only have to fill out four more.

I like what I got except for a few of them like humiliation, and telepathic trauma, unsure about them not sure what fandom I would use but maybe I can skip around them. I am actually pretty excited! Anyway here it is:

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