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H/C March Challenge

I signed up for the March Challenge for the comm hc_bingo. I have to rec 15 stories before the April 5th deadline. I love to rec stories so in the past I have really enjoyed this challenge. The table I received:

runaways slaves forbidden love

I don't like it.

Of the three I think I may be able to find some stories that I've read for the runaway and forbidden love category. I am definitely going to have to broaden my definition for both categories. Well it is a called a challenge not a cakewalk so I will just have to do my best. :)
Happy New Years!!!

I can't believe it's this time a year again.  This year's Auld Lang Syne is from Scotland there is something about the bagpipes that I love:

It's been a good year personally.  My family is all doing well and we are all healthy.  God has blessed us.  Although it has been a very shaky year for politics but we must have faith and stick together.

This year's stories under the cut:

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May everyone have a Blessed New Year!!!!!!!!


\o/  I finished by bingo at last!  I was worried because I was so focused on my NCIS bigbang and my muse took a mid-autumn break but it is finally done. Table can be found here. I had fun and will probably sign up next year. :)


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TITLE: Comfort
AUTHOR: honor_reid
FANDOM: Hawaii Five-0
PAIRING: Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua
SUMMARY: Kono is having a bad day.
NOTES: Many, many thanks to my beta for this story lanalucy. They are awesome!  This was written for the comm older_not_dead prompt: Secret Ingredient, and for hc_bingo prompt: Wild Card (Hugs) table here

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Writing Woes

(I wrote this on my tumblr but I wanted to say it here as well so I will be held accountable to complete my writing goal.)

I have seriously been slacking on the sequel for Marching On. I have 20,066 written but for the past month nothing. I’ve maybe added a paragraph at most. I have it planned out. I know where I want the story to go but a few minor points are keeping me stuck.

Honestly I have lacked motivation. The first story was so well received and I personally loved it so much that I am worried I won’t be able make this story as good or as interesting. So I feel frozen in my worry.

So to kick myself in gear and get past it. I am going to set a goal between today and New Years of at least 5,000 words. I know that’s not a lot but with RL being as busy as it is I think it is a realistic goal.

So hopefully by January 1st 2017 I will have at least 25,066.

Wish me luck!

EDIT 12/31/2016: \o/  I did it.  I am very excited because I wasn't sure if I was going to but I did.  I am going to take a break for a few days and hopefully when I reread it I will still like it. ;)

word number

Recs for H/C Bingo

Author: Honor_Reid
Fandoms: NCIS, BBC Atlantis, Magnificent Seven, Hawaii 5-O, LOTR, The Sentinel, Bonanza, Primeval, and Avengers.
H/C: Healers.

Notes:This was done for hc_bingo and the prompt: healer, table found Here. For my Healer square I once again decided to rec fics. These stories either focus on the healers themselves as they try to help their patients or on patients and how they respond to the medical treatments, the doctors, and nurses as they receive help.

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Marching On: Chapter Six

Marching On: Chapter Five

Marching On: Chapter Four