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Spectred Isle by K.J. Charles

Archaeologist Saul Lazenby has been all but unemployable since his disgrace during the War. Now he scrapes a living working for a rich eccentric who believes in magic. Saul knows it’s a lot of nonsense...except that he begins to find himself in increasingly strange and frightening situations. And at every turn he runs into the sardonic, mysterious Randolph Glyde.
Randolph is the last of an ancient line of arcanists, commanding deep secrets and extraordinary powers as he struggles to fulfil his family duties in a war-torn world. He knows there's something odd going on with the haunted-looking man who keeps turning up in all the wrong places. The only question for Randolph is whether Saul is victim or villain.
Saul hasn’t trusted anyone in a long time. But as the supernatural threat grows, along with the desire between them, he’ll need to believe in evasive, enraging, devastatingly attractive Randolph. Because he may be the only man who can save Saul’s life—or his soul.
~ Book Description

This one isn't for ljbookbingo but I wanted to review it anyway as I loved it so much.  I really enjoyed Spectred Isle.  The plot was very intriguing.  I loved how the author took the mythology of England and more specifically the green men and wove a wonderful tale in post World War One London.  I absolutely loved Saul, he is such a sweet, sympathetic character, with a tragic backstory.  Randolph is an aristocrat in the arcane circles, and he is arrogant and seemingly devoid of feelings, but he is also sweetheart although he would loath for anyone to notice.  The journey the two of them go on is so interesting and I love their interactions.  Although part of a series this story ends satisfactory and how I wished, when the next one comes out I will definitely be reading it.  I highly recommend this story for those who love English mythology with complex characters and a lovely romance thrown in.

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