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Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation

My Twenty-Fifth book for ljbookbingo is Labyrinth: Coronation by Simon Spurrier & Daniel Bayliss for Comic or Graphic Novel square, table found here:

Before Sarah braved the Labyrinth to save her brother, another young woman sought to save a young boy named Jareth from the clutches of the Goblins. Set in 18th-century Venice, Italy, Jim Henson's Labyrinth is a striking look into the history of the Labyrinth itself, and what happens to the little boys who don't get rescued. This is the untold history of the Goblin King. ~Amazon Book Description

This comic takes place while Jareth is waiting to see if Sarah will reach the center of the Labyrinth.  To keep a fussy Toby calm Jareth begins a tale about a woman named Maria who has to go on the same journey when her son Jareth is taken by the Goblin King.  I liked that Jareth was shown as being such an unreliable narrator, as he tells the story with a definite prejudice to how he sees things.  It was also interesting to read more about Jareth's and the Labyrinth's past.  Plus the former Goblin King was actually very terrifying, so I was honestly worried about baby Jareth.  The art was very lovely although some times the expressions on the characters faces tended towards the ridiculous. Overall I enjoyed it and it made me want to watch the movie again so that is always a plus!

And with that I have a blackout! \o/

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