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Hurt/Comfort Bingo Round 10

I once again signed up for [community profile] hc_bingo and I am mostly happy with what I received this year.  Several of the prompts have my muse intrigued, such as exhaustion, broken bones, and phobias but they are scattered about so I may have trouble connecting them.  This is the second year I have gotten body swap, I really need to remember to make that one of the three prompts that you can opt out of.  I love all the possibilities that come with signing up for something like this because I love dreaming about all the potential stories that I could write.  

Is anyone else signing up this year?

just you and the moon on my skin (NCIS: New Orleans) exhaustion surgery brainwashing / deprogramming stalkers A Sweet Escape (Sahara) chronic illness / pain
corporal punishment forced to participate in illegal / hurtful activity serial killers Migraines are from the Devil (due South) loss of vision i feel your heartbeat next to me (Numa Files) restrained
forced to uncover past trauma ritualized pain / injury A Beginning (NCIS: New Orleans)rejection fever / delirium needles / piercings
dehumanization extortion loss of powers confession in desperate situation phobias
Last Week Gus (Psych) drugged broken bones unconsciousness bites 'Til Our Compass Stands Still (NCIS: New Orleans) body / mindswap
I completed three stories for small fandom fest and received this awesome button!

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