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Invitation to the Blues by Roan Parrish

Eight months ago Jude Lucen fled his partner, his career, and a hospital in Boston after a suicide attempt. Now back in Philadelphia, he feels like a complete failure. Piano has always been his passion and his only escape. Without it, he has nothing. Well, nothing except a pathetic crush on the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen.

Faron Locklear came to Philly looking for a fresh start and has thrown himself into tattooing at Small Change. He’s only met Jude a few times, but something about the red-haired man with the haunted eyes calls to him. Faron is blown away by Jude’s talent. What he isn’t expecting is the electricity he feels the first time they kiss—and the way Jude’s needs in bed speak directly to his own deepest desires.

Jude and Faron fall fast and hard, but Jude has spent a lifetime learning that he can’t be what the people he loves need. So when the opportunity arises to renew his career in Boston, he thinks he has to choose: music, or Faron? Only by taking a huge risk—and finally believing he’s worthy of love just as he is—can he have the chance for both. Content warning: This book contains explicit discussion of depression, anxiety, attempted suicide, and feelings of worthlessness.~Book Description

I really really really loved this book.  Jude was such a well written protagonist and the development of his relationship with Faron was such a sweet and rewarding journey.  An aspect I particularly loved was how the author wrote about Jude's lifelong depression/anxiety, and self-worth issues.  I have never read a more actuate portrayal of mental illness and how it is something that needs to be managed daily.  The way that Jude and those around him reacted to his ongoing depression resonated with me a lot.  There were no easy answers and although Faron was very supportive and loving, their relationship was never written as a fix or a cure for Jude's depression.  Having said that their relationship should be the poster child for the hashtag #relationshipgoals because the loving passionate way they are there for each other is so beautiful.   I honestly think this is one of my top five books for the year.  I am so thrilled that my library has more of Roan Parrish's books because I can't wait to read them.

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